Halloween Scone Tacos

I’m making some Halloween Scone Tacos today. They are easy and really yummy.
My Halloween Scone Tacos are made from Mountain Mills Scone Mix. You can get it at Costco and I think at Walmart too. It is an easy mix to make Yummy Scones for Halloween night before your little critters run all over the street eating lots of too tempting junk! 

I tried rolling out the dough and making a “pumpkin shape using a cookie cutter. But alas, when I fried them up and covered them with the chili fixins, they kinda disappeared. But the kids won’t know that! 

Here are my sad little “pumpkins”. Hey, what happened to my stem? Looks more like a blob to me. But again, the kids will never know if you call them Halloween Pumpkin Scones. Hey, maybe these would be good with Einsteins Pumpkin Shmear? I shoulda thought of that! 

This stuff is to die for good. It’s my new favorite thing. I eat the pumpkin Shmear on toast, bagels, fingers, anything! It would be GREAT on scones! 
But chili and all the taco toppings are also great on scones! I think I used leftover chili for these scones, but you could also used canned. I like corn in my chili, but the hubs does not. I try to hide veggies in things like casseroles and soups and chilis. Otherwise we don’t eat them enough. 

I put cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers on mine since I ran out of lettuce. (gotta have a green vegetable, right?) lol 

Next I want to figure out how to make this pretzel bark. Yummo. 

I’m going to try to figure out what else would be good on a scone beside chili, pumpkin cream cheese, and honey butter. In the meantime I’m trying not to chow down on all of the Halloween candy I’ve bought. It is really hard!