Yummy Sorbet

I’ve got to learn how to make this stuff. Sorbet is my 2nd favorite kind of frozen treat. My first of course will always be gelato, preferably right in downtown Italy where I first tasted it.  But really, since my favorite food on the planet is ice cream, I do love all of her cousins, naturally!

So I’ve been on this frozen yogurt kick. A new one opened up by our house and it’s one of those where you get to choose from like a gazillion flavors and toppings and it’s all self serve. I like being in charge that way….snicker…

 I loooooove that! I’m a sucker for blackberries and blueberries and other fresh fruit toppings too. So when I saw sorbet on sale I got us each our own little pint.

Recreating the

It’s Lemon Sorbet from my fav store Tar-jay. And they had these yummy looking giant berries in the produce section. They went really good for dessert the other night. It was so HOT around these parts! What’s up with that? 

 John who isn’t a sorbet lover like me,  shared his with my granddaughters who were over going in our jacuzzi. (Megan, 2 1/2 “Gampa, can we go in da cooozeeee?) She’s a riot. I love them even more than lemon sorbet! But maybe almost equal with gelato. 😀

My sweet girls at Zions National Park, quite the campers!