Valentine Cupcakes

Cute girls who LOVE cupcakes….my granddaughters! 

I’m looking through Pinterest and online to find some easy “kid friendly” ways to do really cute decorated cupcakes for my little 7 year old students and also for my grand kids who are 4, 3 and 1 1/2.  They have to be really cute but REALLY easy too.  Here are some that I found….that I loved…..

These cute designs are from Dessert Deli…but they look kinda hard to do…..I need EASY!  

Cupid Cupcakes
I like these because the design is all in the cupcake papers and the cute candy on top….We can all find CANDY for VALENTINES DAY!   That would be easy….and just some cherry flavored pink icing! 

These Darling Cupcakes are from Cutest Food. The link  is HERE. She has LOTS of cute designs!  And I could do a few of these using a pastry bag with red icing on pink or white!  Maybe even the stripes and dots….with some pink and red M and Ms to dot all over the tops! 
I found some cute stencils at Michael’s from WILTON for decorating cupcakes.  They are very cute too, and they look kinda easy.  Maybe my classroom kids could even do them.  My granddaughters get a little carried away shaking sugar on cookies and cupcakes.  So I came upon a plan for next time.  I will use a small piece of tape and tape all the holes on the inside of the shaker except for one.  That way they can’t dump the whole mess of sugar onto only one cupcake!   
Valentine Cupcake and Cookie Stencils
Easy WILTON stencils…kids can do these really easily….just don’t let
them overdo it on the sugars…..I’ve done THAT!  


Notice the cookies are only iced with white or pink icing and the decor is all from red or pink sugars! Easy! 
An easy video for decorating CUPID CUPCAKES can be found HERE at Cupcake Decorating Ideas.

Bulletin board at school….I’m all ready for Valentine’s Day!

Here was our fun decorating table last year for the Valentine Sugar Cookies….I found these cute  melamine plates at the grocery store for 99 cents!  We did pink icing and had lots of candies and sprinkles….the kids LOVED it! 

Sugar Cookie Masterpieces from last Valentines Day…..  

But this year let’s do some Cupcakes!  

I’ve got lots of sprinkles and candies on hand……

A cute pan to make some candy toppers too!  This is from WILTON!  
I HAD to throw this goofy pic of my son in here… funny! We are
eating dinner at my favorite place….TEXAS ROADHOUSE!  And this
is my darling grandbaby Josie, and her cute mom Wendy…  Yeah…Jeff’s gonna kill me for this…hehe….
And we can’t forget some conversation hearts….kids LOVE them!  

I loved the colors on these….that HOT PINK IS SOOOOOO PINK!   And it looks really good with chocolate sprinkles….
and I HAVE some of those!  Cool!  
These are from the Treat Boutique….I love how they added edible glitter to the tops….I’ve gotta try that!  
These cute ones are from Clarissa’s Creativity Space…..They’d be cute as “LOVE BUGS” for kids I think…..don’t you?
And how hard are some dots and stripes?  The little heads are mini oreos with some white dot eyes and smile….EASY!
There’s that HOT PINK again….CUTE!  
These cute ones are from Mel’s Sweet Treats…..The toppers are simple to add…the rest are just icing and sprinkles….VERY simple even for kids to create!

I have GOT to make some cupcakes today!