Turkey and Veggie Wraps

Try these easy turkey wraps for a quick lunch or  a healthy dinner! 

I love the Ranch salad dressing you can get in the big jug at Costco. It is really creamy and delicious. And I’m trying to cut down on my fat because my skinny and red-headed doctor told me to. I guess I eat too much yummy stuff. (go figure) and my lipid profile is high (what in heck is a lipid?). So he said “Don’t eat anything yellow  (Huh?), greasy or fried!” What the heck? What does that leave?  (Well, chocolate isn’t yellow…hmmm…)

 Anyway,  I decided to make a healthy dinner (for a change). Here is my yummy, veggie and turkey wraps. I started to put mayo on them and realized (Eek! MAYO is YELLOW! CRAP!) So as depression started to settle in, I opened my fridge and found the ranch dressing. He he….it’s not technically yellow!  (But the mozzerella cheese is!) Okay, so it’s not completely fat free, but what in the world IS?

My ingredients (I forgot to picture the avocado too) and also salt and pepper….

Turkey Wrap ingredients

These are the ingredients in my easy and very yummy turkey wraps.  I like Oscar Meyer Deli Fresh Turkey meat because it is kind of dry for deli meat and it is smoked and delicious.  I hate deli meat that is really wet and kind of slimy, ya know what I mean?

Best of the Deli meats is Oscar Meyer Deli Fresh Turkey…

So I either get it from the butcher (Target’s Archer Farms turkey is really dry and good) or else this is the brand I like.  Costco has a prewrapped deli turkey that’s good but we never finish a package, they are all so huge. So my vote is for Oscar’s brand, you know….I still have love in my heart for the little weanie the drives all over America….so….Oscar Meyer Deli Fresh turkey it is.

Spread the ranch dressing on a flour tortilla…..

Add the Oscar Meyer Deli Fresh turkey, then cucumbers (sliced thinly) and tomato wedges…(I used Romas)

Some sliced olives and a little grated  Mozzerella cheese on top….(or your favorite cheese) unless
you have the same cheese hating doctor I’ve got….notice how sparingly I spread the cheese? 

Some slices of fresh, red peppers and some avocado, and salt and pepper, DONE! 

 I usually buy the bigger flour tortillas that you can actually wrap around the veggies a few times. But these smaller 10 inch tortillas were on sale for $1.00 at Walmart, so...whateva…..  Spread a teaspoon (or more if you don’t have my doctor…or my lipids) on the wrap with a knife.  Then add the veggies of your choice. I add cucumbers, tomatoes, red, sweet peppers, olives and avocado, salt and pepper to the turkey. Then wrap it up!

Turkey Wraps….so fresh and yummy! (not to mention EASY and HEALTHY!)

It’s delicious with some baked Tostitos and maybe some fresh fruit.  That was dinner last night. I just realized as I went to make a piece of toast this morning that …..oh NO!  BUTTER IS ALSO YELLOW!  Oh MAN that’s a bummer! Whaaaa!