Mickey Mouse Pancakes, or Teddy Bear Pancakes?

My grand kids stayed overnight this past weekend and we sure had a lot of fun. They loved the new grand kid’s bedroom we made up for them with red iron bunk beds and lots of fun toys everywhere. We thought we would have BOY grandbabies. That’s why it has a construction and car and truck theme. Who knew we’d instead get 4 girls grandbabies from 3 of our kids?

Notice the bear at the breakfast table (Megan’s guest) for Mickey Mouse Pancakes? Well
They kinda look like Teddy Bear Pancakes too……mix or match….whateva….
Bruce searching for the tennis ball….

Now you are probably asking yourself, “Why did she decorate the grandkid’s room like a construction zone when she has all girls?”  And I would answer you… I don’t freakin know…I thought they’d all be boys. Go figure.  I had 3 boys….. (plus I loved this rug from Tarjay). snicker…

Meg loves the top bunk for some reason, Marisa loved all the puppets on the bottom with her…I’m almost finished with this floor to ceiling green chalkboard for them….another half done summer project….Arg! .

 Megan loved the tennis racket, but doggie Bruce kept fighting her for the tennis ball.

Looks like Bruce found the tennis ball and won’t give it back…

We made some pancakes in the morning with blueberry eyes and chocolate chip smiles. They weren’t BEAR pancakes like my husband thought. They are supposed to be Mickey! Jeesh!

Blueberry eyes and nose, chocolate chip smile on Mickey Mouse Pancakes….or Teddy Bear pancake…..:D

They were hilarious in the jacuzzi.  “Let’s dive!” as I’m saying to John, “I really don’t want to get my hair wet”.  SPLASH!  John, “awww, that’s too bad!” as he is trying to suffocate a laugh. Oh well. It was sure fun. They are such cute little munchkins.