Chili Dip, Greek Yogurt Dip, Raspberry Chipotle Dip

I love, love, love chips and dips of all kinds.  I have my favorites too. I love a real easy dip made from 2 ingredients; cream cheese and chili microwaved. It is sooooo good warm and with those “Scoops” Fritos.
I made this one for the family party on 4th of July. It was gone in about 20 minutes.

Chili cream cheese dip

Another one that is wonderful is Plain white Greek Yogurt mixed with dill weed and tiny bits of diced cucumber. It’s great with a tray of beautiful summer veggies and very healthy and low-cal. You can buy it made up or just buy the greek yogurt and make up your own.  It’s so easy. Just shake in dill weed to taste and a little salt and pepper.

greek yogurt dip

A fancier one that I just recently heard about and tried was a block of cream cheese on a pretty plate, then pour Raspberry Chipotle sauce from Costco over the top. It was kind of expensive but it is a good chicken marinade too. And this dip is sooooooo Good with crackers, baguettes OR  Tostitos.

raspberry chipotle dip

Have fun dipping and chipping!