Bridal Shower Fun and Food Ideas

My daughter Tiff and I went to a really cute Bridal Shower for my Niece Becky and had a real fun time.

Besties Nikki, Becky and Elyse. All 3 have a foodie blog! All 3 grew up together. 

I loved this pretty invite to the Shower. It was designed on photo paper. Cute!  

The hostesses were 2 of her best friends who are also bloggers. One was Nikki, of Chef in Training, and another one was Elyse, one of the Six Sisters Stuff sisters.  As you can imagine, the food was delicously wonderful.

Here is a little bit of it. We had lots of fun and yummy party foods at the Bridal Shower. 

There were so many  things to choose from! Salads, sandwiches, finger foods and lots and lots of sweet treats!
This fruity salad with Asiago  cheese, apples and berries and sliced almonds was my favorite. 

Some kind of bruschetta. It looked yummy. 
I just really liked this water dispenser. Got to get me one of those. 

Lots of friends from the neighborhood and ward were there too. 
Some of these girls went to high school together. 

 The brownie treats on the top were my favorite. Yum. They were to DIE for! I was a good girl and only ate one. 

They are called “Samoa Brownies” and the recipe is HERE.  These are decadent and oozing with flavor! Mmm. I want one in my mouth right this minute! 
Mother of the bride, my pretty sister-in-law Robin, and her youngest daughter pretty Becky. 

She had lots of friends there who were already married so they really spoiled her. She got lots of good loot!

Just some of the loot from the party. 
Loot for the kitchen parked at the door. 

Lots of  girlfriends at the shower. Many of them had been married a while so she’ll have lots of peeps to go to for advice. 😀 

I thought this gift was wrapped up so pretty! Great idea for a Bridal Shower. 

Guess the Groceries Game was a great Bridal Shower Game! 

This was a fun game. We had to price all these items from Walmart. I was off by about 80 cents. I was pretty close. Yeah. I’m a Walmart rat.

 Okay back to the food! These cake bites were so pretty. Mine never turn out looking this good. I think I need cake bite lessons. I think these were lemon flavored. And I did love them.

These Swig Copycat cookies were so good too! Swig is a drive through in St. George Utah. It is a fun place to go get a treat when you are down there going to see a show at Tuacahn. They have chocolate ones too. I’ll have to try one of those. 

Real Swig Cookies come in all these varieties. 

Check Swig out next time you’re in St. George. It’s a fun stop! 
Yummy brownies. I didn’t try one but don’t they look so yummo? 

It was a really lovely bridal shower for Miss Becky.  She is such a pretty lady. And so is her mama. We are so happy for you Becky, Mrs. Secrist. Love you.