Breakfast for Dinner (Veggie Omelettes)

Don’t you just love Breakfast for Dinner? So do I. Especially when I haven’t gone to the market in awhile and I’m too tired to really do much cooking. Omelettes are always easy and healthy to whip up for an easy dinner. And leftover bread that is getting stale is always good as French Toast!

I usually have leftover veggies during the summer since we grow a large garden in the backyard. This year I didn’t have a great crop of yellow or green peppers but my tomatoes turned out good and my green onions were the best. So I added  some fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, green onion, and red peppers. It makes for some colorful eggs.

I was lazy this time and only made buttered toast. Still good.  And don’t you love my Target plates? 
So cute. I got them last summer. Each one is a little different with fruit around the inside rim. I love them! 
I threw bacon pieces  into my omelettes this time.

I got some yummy cantaloupe from the farmers market a few days ago and it was perfect. YES PERFECT. I hate when I get one of those melons home (especially watermelon) and it is not at all ripe. Now I just get the fruit man to pick them for me and I have much better luck.  I learned that doing some catering. The produce man always knows his melons!