Christmas Desserts

We just had our annual family Christmas Party with my hub’s side of the family. There were lots of fun desserts for the dessert bar. Here are just a few of them.

My Chocolate Bundt CAKE is really yummy with cream cheese icing. I did it a little differently than last years below. I added some of those decadent chocolate balls to the top and just some red and white sugars. 
If you want the recipe for Chocolate Bundt Cake it is HERE.
There were lots of traditional sugar cookies on cute platters and plates….
Some were really fancy with golden doilies underneath! 
Fruit desserts like this Berry-peach crisp (HERE) are always easy and popular for Christmas desserts….Dutch Apple crisp with a little cranberry would be a great holiday dessert too…….. just because of the colors…..
Gotta love a reindeer cupcake. Check out some cute ones HERE  including a gingerbread cake with yummy cream cheese icing. These are so cute and easy too! Doing these along with some white cupcakes decorated with red and green candies and a few light green with cupcake paper toppers would be a really pretty Christmas Dessert display. Your centerpiece could be a few tin or wooden reindeer. 
Another party I went to had a CANDY BAR with glass jars LOADED with candy! It was a blast for the kids to
do their own thing and fill their own ziplock baggie with fun stuff. 

And it looks so pretty on the table doesn’t it? They used lots of red and green candies…..

Of course having a cute table centerpiece makes everything look so darling too! 
I know somebody who would LOVE a candy bar at the NEXT Christmas Party! 
Sweet appetizers are always good. This is a powdered sugar and cream cheese Peppermint Cheese ball rolled in  cookies and candy with graham crackers for dipping.  The recipe is Sugar n Spice Gals.
Pies are always a yummy and pretty Christmas dessert. I love a good pecan pie. But my favorite is cheesecake. 

I love a good pie bar. You can add several kinds of squirt whip cream and ice creams and lots of pie servers. There are so many varieties that you can even buy at the store (Marie Callendars pies are good from the frozen food section, especially banana cream and coconut cream and razzleberry) and then make a few homemade. Everyone will think you made them all.

My sister-in-law makes this yummy crunchy munch. Her recipe for this yummy sweet stuff is  Cranberry Almond Chex Mix. It is really yummy, chewy and nutty. Everybody loved it! Check it out HERE at their blog.

 Now I just HAD to include some pictures of our grandkids and cousins playing the parts of the Nativity. Here are Marisa and Meg doing the shepherds. Aren’t they super cute holding little stuffed animal lambs?

And all the cousins playing the cast of characters. Thanks Aunt Danielle and Uncle Dennis for always putting this together. And Aunt Robin helping too with all the singing and music and costumes. It is such a wonderful night. 

Merry Christmas to All! I hope you have a wonderful time with your families this holiday. Remember to give all your little tykes a big hug. Happy Holiday!