How About a Picnic? Picnic Baskets

 I got this cute picnic basket for my daughter in law for her birthday. I think it is so cute!

I found matching plates, glasses and a cute candle to pack inside

Red, White and Blue….great for a patriotic holiday, right? 

They are newlyweds…so you’ve gotta have candle light… I right? Yes I am…..

And everything is non-breakable! Yay! 

And it should keep their stuff real COOL! 

It fits so cute inside! 

And did I mention my daughter made me a party in a pan with her Cricut Machine?  I love that thing! 

Yeah, it will be great for BBQs….to fill up with stuff…or drinks…or something fun!   Speaking of BBQ…I’m hungry again! 

Now let’s eat!  Yeah! That’s what I’m talkin about!