Fun New Baking Tools!

I’ve been shopping with the masses!  And I’ve received some cool gifts lately that I’m adding to my cookwear and serving arsenal.  I love them!  I have to share!

My daughter got me this Mini Bundt Pan for my birthday. Can’t wait to use it! 

My favorite new thing is a mini bundt pan set.  I’m going to do some cute bundt cakes this week and do some ring the doorbell and run fun to some of my favorite neighbors! It is so easy to make a cream cheese icing or just shake some powdered sugar on them. They are great and beautiful either way!

I’m making Gingerbread men with my 2nd grade class this year…so I bought 2 pans….

I love these two cookie sheets I only use at Christmas time.  They make darling but kinda puffy sugar cookies. But my granddaughters LOVE them.  I think my coworkers will too.  I’m baking treats this year instead of buying anything.

LOVE this darling little crock…great for sauces or dips….
These crocks are the cutest color of cranberry!  

I got these cute new crockery trays from Tai Pan Trading. I thought the little one would be great for an artichoke dip that you bake.  Then the pita or pretzel chips can be layered on the pretty “holly and ivy” tray.  I also have a bowl to match for the cheese ball, but it was in the dishwasher. We used it for raspberry jam at Thanksgiving and just finished it up this weekend.

This Christmas silicone tree mold will be fun to play with! 

These silicone molds have so many uses. You can fill them with kind of a concentrated punch and freeze them to add to a punch bowl.  You can make brownies or bar cookies with them. You can use them as individual jello molds.  I got this one on clearance after Christmas last year. Can’t wait to use it!

Wasn’t Costco nice to hand out a neat cookbook on the way out  of the store on Black Friday? 

I’m gonna be using my new Good Housekeeping Magazine for the cute Holiday Cookie Collection! 

Cute crocks I can use for holiday gifts. Only $2.00 each! 

These little green crocks were buy one get one free at Tai Pan Trading this week. I thought I could fill each
one with a homemade cheese ball and add a bag of chips and a cute Christmas spreader. These would make very special gifts for my very special friends. I shoulda bought a dozen!

I got this for just a couple of bucks…..good for veggies or fruits Christmas morning….

I also bought some decorations for my new “silver and ice blue” tree for my great room.  I know I don’t have enough decorations yet, but it is coming along.  In the meantime I think I’ll be enjoying my new servingware. Aren’t they soooo cute?  And I got them all on such a bargain.  Happy Christmas shopping!