Favorite Thanksgiving Dish

My favorite side dish for Thanksgiving I helped my mom make as a child. 
My sisters and brothers all make it as part of Thanksgiving too. 
It was a true family tradition.
Fresh Cranberry Salad.
It’s really good.
Thanksgiving side dishes….Cranberry Salad
Everybody in my family loves this salad too. My kids and grand kids all love it. Even my
husband who doesn’t like sweet stuff much, likes this salad. 
Fresh Cranberry Salad…my favorite Thanksgiving side dish.

You start by adding cupfuls of cranberries to your blender to quickly chop.

I put in about this much at a time…so easy and quick.

 I try to find a really pretty glass bowl because the bright red of the salad adds a lot to your Thanksgiving table and to your plate! You know us chefs, plating is everything…how does it look on the plate? Gorgeous! Yup.

Then dump in a can of crushed pineapple, juice and all! 

Then dump in a tub of Cool Whip…. and some mini marshmallows (I use ALMOST a whole bag, maybe leave 3/4 cup behind)

And then just let it sit in the fridge to let the flavors meld together…it’s fresh and crunchy and tart….

Best Thanksgiving Side Dish! Ever! 

One of my sons actually asked “Where’s the cranberry sauce?”  swatted him on the behind…yeah…and he’s 28!

 It was Devin’s birthday a week ago so I made a turkey dinner in his honor. He loves turkey and we didn’t know how many of the kids would be going to the in law’s house this year for Thanksgiving. So we did ours early. Too bad I forgot to take pictures of the beautiful turkey!!!

The girls “helping” Devin blow out his candles…So cute…They LOVE him! 

 I took pictures of the beautiful grandkids instead. he he.  And my handsome birthday boy. I have no more kids now, only adults! Waaaa…..

Isn’t this a sweet picture of Dev and the grand kids…I thought so too. 
Cute pine cone turkey place cards….a cute craft for Thanksgiving….

And Megan loved my little pine cone turkeys…Link   HERE at Weekday Chef  if you’d like to see the tutorial….

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!