Garlic or Dill Chip Dip

Today in my classroom was Student of the Week.  It is the day to “share” something about yourself.  I have the kids write a giant newspaper article about all their favorite things. Then they have to “teach” the class something.
We have had everything from dry ice bubbles to learning all about a live hen.  One girl taught everybody some gymnastics tricks.


But today we had little Morgan teach us a yummy chip dip called “The Great White Moby Dip”.  It was delicious and very easy, only 3 ingredients;

1 container cottage cheese
1 brick of 8 oz. cream cheese
5 to 6 shakes of Garlic Salt (or dill weed for a dilly dip)
Blend together and refrigerate for an hour

RUFFLES® Original Potato Chips

It was enjoyed by all.  Next time I have company over it’s gonna be my go to dip. And I bet all of the students had really yummy breath when they went home!  mmmm…..