Pantry Organization Part 1

Pantry Organization After Picture – Syrups and Sauces on Lazy Susans. 

I’m on a roll organizing my house this year.  I’ve been working on purging the kitchen of all the extra clutter, and buying Lazy Susan’s to keep all my stuff organized that I am keeping. I’m starting now on the pantry organization.

Pantry Organization After Picture. Now all my vinegars and sauces have a home in the pantry. It is much easier to see what is there. Also, there is a limit to how many can go on each Lazy Susan. 
Pantry Organization Before Picture…..not so pretty. I have so many canned goods that I have to sort and make a place for. So this is my March challenge. Organize the pantry and make it look neat and tidy. 
I found containers for the puddings and the jellos. It makes them easier to sort and to see what I have too. I like how it turned out. Baskets are cheap to buy at a thrift store and you can get all sorts of sizes for a buck. 

Baskets are cheap at the thrift store. They come in all sorts of colors and sizes. I have been buying them for 50 cents to a buck. It is the perfect thing to sort things in the pantry. 

Then I lined up all my cake and brownie boxed mixes onto a shelf that we will call the baking shelf. It will house all my flour, sugars and baking tools. They are all organized now on their own shelf. Such an improvement!  
In January and February I worked on all my kitchen drawers and cupboards. They went from this messiness…….

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Finished! Pantry Organization looks great! At least this first shelf! Now on to the canned goods!
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