Downton Abbey Premiere Party

Let’s have some Downton Abbey Party Fun

I decided to make some “tea cakes” and have a dinner “viewing party” for the return of Downton Abbey Season 4 tonight. Surprisingly, the hubs is not that excited….(sounds of snickering). He’s more of a football fan.

Mini Donut Maker was fun to try out! 

I got this new Mini Donut Maker for Christmas so I thought I’d put it to good use. Too bad I gave away my English chocolate bisquits  at a White Elephant gift party on New Year’s Eve! That would have been a great addition!

I think the more colors and flavors of icing you have the prettier your plates of treats will be on these donuts….
I made some chocolate icing and then used a tub of lemon icing and frosted and used lots of different sprinkles. Super fun! Kids would LOVE doing mini donuts and they are really easy using the little donut maker. It’s like making mini waffles. 
Little donut treats for the Downtown Abbey Premiere Party. Lemon and chocolate iced “tea cakes”.

Buffet table decorations…..too bad I don’t have a maid and a butler.  (whaaaa…..why don’t we have maids and butlers anymore huh?) 
Butterscotch Rice Crispie Treats! I just dumped butterscotch chips on top…real imaginative here……..but they are really good! 

I cut these up and added them to the dessert plates full of donut “tea cakes”. 
Cranberry Cilantro Cheese dip with chips and crackers…..This is good anytime…. My recipe is HERE at Weekday Chef.
Raspberry Spinach Salad with candied pecans…..
Cream of Broccoli Soup…..Yummy…..Check out my recipe HERE at my foodie blog.

My old English Bone China Tea Set I bought when I was 18…. and Silver place card holders….fun to get them out for a centerpiece….
I have lots of decorative tea pots I put here and there….

These didn’t  really “taste” like a donut, more like a cupcake with the icing. 
I had fun decorating them with all of my sugars and sprinkles! 

 Now you are gonna want to have something to do during the commercials. How about a fun BINGO GAME? Your prizes could be little English things like Macaroon cookies, Herb Teas, Chocolates, “tea towels” for the kitchen and maybe some little English Lavender soaps in cute shapes.
Downton Abbey Bingo | Paste Magazine. We are so playing this on Sunday!
Anyhoo check these Downtown Abbey Bingo Cards out HERE on Paste Magazine.I think there are 4 cards total but you could make multiple copies.

Sparkling Cider for those that like a little “bubbly”

Now you’ve got to have some bubbly too. I happen to like this flavor of Sparkling Cider! Cheers!

Downtown Abbey
Some really cute Tea Party and Food Printables for the party are HERE at a Night Owl.

It’s fun to get a group of Downtown Abbey Addicts together for yummy food and to watch the Premiere on T.V. together. So keep calm and Abbey On!