Easy Tacos

When I was a newlywed the only entertainment we could afford (starving students) was going to other poor newleyweds’ houses for dinner, or having people over to ours.  I remember my friend Sherry was such a divine cook for being only in her early 20s. She showed me how to make a good taco meat base. Thanks Sherry! (I still remember her homemade almond paste bear claws at my firstborn son’s baby shower she threw….I dream about those things!)


After frying up the ground hamburger, she used a small can of green chili salsa and a packet of Lawry’s Taco Seasoning. That was in the early 80s before there were so many different kinds of salsas.  I have since used any kind of salsa that strikes my fancy with the packet of seasoning mix added.  It makes a really good taco meat.

Tacos with all the fixins….

Fried up with corn tortillas (Have you ever tasted homemade, thick corn tortillas….they are to die for!) and topped with your choice of yummy veggies and sour cream, they are a guilty pleasure…..for sure.