Well Brucie? What are we gonna make for dinner tonight? I want something fast and I’m kinda tired because, well,  school started and teachers are ALL tired out from standing and talking ALL DAY! 
So let’s make some easy white chicken chili! 
Here’s all my ingredients…..2 kinds of white beans….onion….and some squash from my garden (optional) I’ve GOT to start using up my garden veggies. It seems like I get a new Zucchini every day! 
Chop up a cup of onion and a 1/2 cup of celery (and I added 1/2 cup yellow crookneck squash) 
You could also use a 1/2 cup of frozen yellow or white corn just as easily…both optional.
A small can of chopped green chili peppers go GREAT in white chicken chili….
I used these spices….dash of lemon pepper, parsley, chili powder, onion salt, and Season Salt.... And I added 2 slices of lightly microwaved bacon….

 Well, and of course the chicken broiled and then diced up….I added a few cups of milk and dumped the beans in after the veggies were tender….it’s so easy…takes about 20 minutes to make.   And it’s great with hot bread sticks!


 Recipe for White Chicken Chili
3    chicken breast boiled and cubed
1    cup sauteed onion in butter
1/2 cup chopped celery boiled for 10 minutes
2    cans white beans any variety, butter, limas, great northern (1 use 2 varieties) add the liquid too.
1    small can chopped green chilis
1/2 cup yellow squash or frozen corn (optional) I just did this to use up my garden veggies….
2    dashes of spices to taste  (onion salt, chili pepper, lemon pepper, parsley, Seasoning Salt)

2 -3 cups of milk
2 slices of microwaved bacon

After onions are sauteed and celery and chicken are boiled and chopped add them to a pot of beans, chilis, milk and then add the spices. Boil for about 10 minutes. Serve with bread sticks and a salad.

We saw a marvelous balloon launch at a park practically in our backyard…..it was really cool…..
I’ve never seen one before….but it is so exciting and beautiful to watch!
Here’s my hubs. I’m taking a picture of him taking a picture….snicker….
I got a close up view to “feel the heat”….It is awesome! But I don’t think I would try it….
There they go! It was all over in 10 minutes…..Bye guys!