Homemade Bread, Rolls and Pizza Dough in One!

This is my favorite bread recipe. It will make 5 loaves of bread. But I usually use a few of the dough loaves and make Pizza, Rolls and Cinnamon Rolls too. One of the 5 loaves of dough is great for a thin crust large or a medium 12 inch on a pizza stone or a deep dish in a cast iron large skillet.  
I used to work at Pizza Hut and those cast iron skillets were the way we baked the Pizzas. They used a ton of oil in the pans but boy, you could just pop those suckers out so easily! And they were delicious too! My favorite was the Meat Lover’s Pizza. mmm…..
But today I just cut up whatever veggies I had in the fridge.  I didn’t have very many! 
But I had some leftover Jimmy Dean Sausage patties and several kinds of cheeses. 

I just used the Costco brand Marinara sauce for the Pizza sauce and a mixture of grated cheeses.
Use shortcuts when you can! And How easy is that? 
I use a little less than a whole bread loaf for a 12 inch pizza. I add a bit more
 to one of the roll
dough pieces for Cinnamon Rolls. 

My Pizza dough, sauce and cheese went on the Pizza stone first.
Then I looked around for a few more toppings….
These are 3 leftover patties of Jimmie Dean precooked sausage 
I used for
Sausage, Egg and Cheese on a Biscuit one morning. I just
microwaved them for a minute and chopped them up
  Okay, Homemade Supreme Pizza,  It’s almost ready….what else does it need?
HEY! I’ve got some olives in the pantry. How about those? 

So I sliced those in half and spread them out on the pizza. Just about done! 

RECIPE FOR HOMEMADE BREAD makes 5 soft, chewy loaves
3/4 Cup warm water
1 Tablespoons Sugar
2 Tablespoons Yeast
Mix together and set aside. 

4 Cups Scalded Milk                1 Cup Sugar
2 eggs                                         1 Tablespoon Salt
1/2 Cup Oil                                10 to 12 Cups of Flour

Sprinkle yeast into the   warm water and let sit for 3 minutes undisturbed. Then add the 1 Tablespoon of sugar and mix up (sugar feeds yeast). Set bowl aside. 

Then in your Mixmaster mix up all the wet ingredients, (milk, eggs, oil) and add in the sugar. Then add half of the flour  (5 cups) and mix in your Mixmaster. If I am adding 1 cup of wheat flour I add 1 Tablespoon of dough enhancer so my bread is still light. You can buy it online or at the Bosch Store.

 Then add the yeast mixture in and keep mixing. Then add one cup at a time of flour till you get to the 10 cups total.  Keep mixing. Then add just 1/2 cups of flour (up to 12 cups…I hardly ever even do 11 cups) at a time till your dough starts to separate from sides of the bowl kneading for a total of about 8 minutes. 

Set plastic over your dough in a greased bowl and let rise for 45 to 60 minutes. Punch dough down and separate it into 5 rolls for bread. Grease loaf pans and let dough rise in 5 loaf pans for 30 to 45 minutes till they are just about an inch over the pan.  I sometimes turn the oven on real low and leave it open and put all 5 pans on top of the stove so they are warming while rising. 

When they have risen 1/2 inch over the tops of the pans Bake for 25 to 30 minutes until golden on tops. Bread will rise a bit more while baking.  If you are making rolls with some of the loaves only bake for 15 to 18 minutes, watching them for a golden brown color. 

Sometimes I do a few bread loaves and then make pizza with one loaf and some Cinnamon Rolls with another loaf and dinner rolls, like those above, with another loaf too. And sometimes I freeze a roll of dough for rolls or cinnamon rolls for later. 

Bread just starting to rise in the pan…..and rolls have risen pretty good already. 

Cloverleaf and dinner rolls all baked up ready to eat! 

                                       Homemade Dinner Rolls and Homemade Pizza….yum!
 It’s fun to experiment and play with bread dough. And it’s just plain yummy just out of the oven with hot, melted butter too! mmm….

I did 2 homemade loaves of bread, 1 pizza, 1 set of dinner rolls,
 and I froze a loaf in the freezer for next week sometime. 
Here’s my supreme pizza all done and ready to eat! I want a thick pizza crust, I will precook just t
the rolled out pizza dough for 10 or 12 minutes first in a hot 425 oven. Then I’ll do sauce, cheese, and toppings. Then cook it for longer, another 10 or 12 minutes to prevent that middle of the pizza from not cooking and tasting raw.  
If your Pizza dough is thin enough you don’t have to worry about it being doughy in the center
section as much. Just bake for 15 to 18 minutes on 425.
The dough is delicious and really makes the pizza wonderful. 
And the bread doesn’t turn out half bad either! My family loves it. 
The rewards of my labor….here’s a bite! 

Or try one of these instead! Oh heavenly yum! Nothing like it!