Chocolate Bundt Cake

It was my oldest son’s birthday and I know he loves chocolate cakes. So I made this delicious recipe I found on All  It is the best bundt cake recipe EVER! It turns out real dense and rich.

The recipe for this gorgeous cake…… It’s HERE. Basically it’s a chocolate cake mix with some sour cream, 4 eggs, and a pudding mix added to the 1/2 cup water. So easy. And it calls for 2 cups of chocolate chips but I never put that many in. Usually a cup is all I add. And if you run out of pudding mixes, a small box will do.

After spraying pam on the bundt pan and baking it up, I mix up a batch of cream cheese icing. My recipe is 1 brick of 8 ounces cream cheese room temperature, and I dump it in my mixer. Then I add a half cube of butter and about 1 1/2 cups of confectioner’s sugar, a teaspoon of lemon juice and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla.

Piping the cream cheese icing on the cake….

Chocolate Bundt Cake….so easy! 

Mix it up and then put it in a pastry or zip lock baggie and cut the end off one corner to pipe the icing.
I just make lines going from the outside to the inside all around the cake. I topped this one off with an eyeball superball and a squishy skeleton I got at Walmart for $1.29 each.

Walmart always has cute toys I can use for cake decs…

Walmart also had these 10 packs of plastic skeletons I put around the outside of the cake. They were $1.29 too. Amazing! Kids would love these for party favors.

I just used a zip lock baggie to pipe the icing on the cake….just snip an edge with scissors. 

 It turned out so cute! I love Halloween decorations!  My son said, “Hey mom, it’s a Halloween cake for my birthday!”  Do you think he thinks I’m weird? Ya maybe…..

You squeeze the skeleton head and the eyes pop out like big bugs! 

Chocolate Bundt Cake…yummy! 

Yeah…..I couldn’t help myself.  hehe.  It was a fun party.

Okay Jeff looks rather scary here with the giant hunting knife his dad got him. Look at my poor
granddaughter eyeing the size of it! Oh my! 

Here he is with his favorite present. It looks like a giant machete! EEK! (just don’t put a Freddy mask on and go out with that on Halloween night, OKAY?)