Cookbook Storage Ideas

My New Cookbook Storage corner shelf! I’m psyched! It’s great to have them all in one place!

I was looking on Pinterest for some ways to store my mountain of cookbooks I have accumulated. I must have about 40 cookbooks! I know….I’ve got cookbook obsession worries myself! As I was browsing Pinterest I saw a few cute display ideas for cookbooks in kitchens.

Ikea Bookshelves
I loved this one with kiddie books that I thought I could kinda copy….. so I ran over to Ikea and bought 4 of these wooden spice racks  to put on my kitchen on a side wall.
 But it didn’t look as good as I thought it would, once I put one of them up….seemed kinda crowded. 
Rainbow of cookbooks
This lady calls herself Cookbook Freak. And I think this is quite an amazing collection!  (and the color coding is cute)
 But I have no shelves in the kitchen to use! Gotta keep looking! 
I really liked THIS BEAUTIFUL cookbook storage idea…only I have no extra wall space in my kitchen.
So…….. I kept on looking.

basket for cookbooks
I LOVED this wire basket cookbook storing idea the very best, just on the kitchen counter. But
knowing me I’d spill something and ruin all my lovely cookbooks…so I started thinking…..
maybe I could find something in my own house to repurpose or something? Hmmm……

My empty corner shelf I dragged in from the greatroom….I think it will work for cookbook storing! 
Then, AHA! I remembered I had this corner shelf that was in our greatroom before we took up all the carpet
in there. We are in the process of putting in real oak flooring. It’s really a MESS! Dust
everywhere. So I dragged that corner shelf into the kitchen.

I put it in a corner. And I tried out a few cookbooks  on it.  And I loved it!

AND, I happened to have an empty corner by the glass door!  It looks pretty
good there, doesn’t it? So I wiped and dusted it off, (since it’s been in the messy walls-being-sanded,  great room) 
I’m so tired of the dust in there, let me tell you! Why do remodeling projects take SOOOO LOOOONG? 

And then I added all my cookbooks to it.  I still have a little room for more of them, too!  It’s getting
close to Cookbook Hoarders, ( I know what you are thinking!)

So I added knick knacks to the cookbook shelves too….it was fun! Gotta have a Betty Crocker 
cookbook in your collection! 

 Last year I sent away for the silver Master Chef cookbook too. Very cool recipes in there!

 This is my favorite cookbook with recipes of top restaurants from all over. It’s fun to recreate those yummy things!

And the Jessica Seinfeld cookbook Deceptively Delicious is a really fun read AND it has great recipes too!

So now I always know where my recipes and cookbooks are…instead of squeezing them
in 3 different places in my kitchen and pantry cupboards and above the microwave.

Here is my finished cookbook storage shelf. Now I can find any of my 40 something (hoarders R US) 
cookbook at just a glance. It makes me feel kinda organized. Even though I’m soooo NOT! 

I love my new kitchen corner….my cookbook corner. It was a great solution for me and
this old, corner, shelf. I  REALLY like how it turned out.