Kitchen Gadget Organization

I was in my friend Amy’s kitchen the other day and asked her if I could snap a few pictures of her cute holiday decor. When I got home I loved all of her stuff. She is a master designer and decorator. Her projects always inspire me.
But the picture that really got me dreaming was this one I took of her stove area. She is a great cook and party planner too. But I had no idea she had so many little kitchen gadgets! Look at this display!

Kitchen Gadget Holders. I’m going to add a few more beside my stove! 

 I have been so frustrated lately with my bulging drawers that are sadly, not EVEN halfway deep enough to house all my junk. And it makes me feel unorganized. I have a gadget holder beside my stove that I had designed for me many years ago when my kids were little. It says “Patties Paddles”. haha.

My Kitchen Gadget holder…..Patties Paddles used to be a cute saying. Now it seems kinda weird.

 That was in the days of wooden spoons. And no, I never hit my kids with a wooden spoon. It was just a joke I thought was cute. 20 years ago you could say things like that without somebody jumping out of their skin. lol.

What a mess, right? My unorganized gadget drawer! And I have two of them! So sad. Bad me. 
You can see Gunner Dog in the corner of this pic. He’s such a good doggie. 

Well, here is my messy gadget drawer that barely closes. I think I can take Amy’s idea and simplify the whole big mess a little bit. It is actually so nice to just grab what you need while cooking instead of digging through a drawer. It’s my new favorite organizational tip. I happened to have a heavy, crockery, bean pot I’ve never used in like 8 years. I got it as a gift and loved it but have not used it. Well, now it has a new purpose.

My Kitchen Gadget Holders. I’ve had this pot forever and never have used it once. Now it has a purpose finally! Yay!

I’m glad I never tossed this cute bean pot! You will definitely need a heavy, crockery container for all the metal spoons and turners and whisks and assorted kitchen gear. The crocks are pretty heavy and something light will just get knocked over too easily. I wonder if I can find these crocks at the the thrift store? I’ll have to check it out! 
This little dude was helping us in the kitchen today. I got a little smile out of him too. He just started waving and saying bye bye. It’s pretty sweet. 

I should probably organize the crocks a little bit better. Maybe I can put all the silicone things together, and then  the wooden things together too. I need another crock for metal things. That would make me feel more organized. And it takes a lot less time to find things when they are sorted together.

Now it looks a lot better with 3 kitchen gadget holders; one for whisks and metal slot spoons, one for wooden things, and one for silicone and plastics. It’s lookin a bit better. And it feels more organized. 
Lazy Susans are great for organizing a kitchen cupboard or pantry. I wonder if they will help me organize mine? I will actually have to do the organizing. That is the sad part. Maybe I can bribe somebody to help me. hmmm….

 I’m going to tackle the pantry next. That’s my goal for 2015 anyway. It is a real disaster area. I can’t even show it, I’d just die! I bought some Lazy Susan thingies from the Container Store for only $5.99 to help me. 

I use these to hold all my spices in those little cupboards on the sides of the stove that are so tiny and useless for anything else. Maybe I can do the same in the pantry. 

They are an easy way to organize spices and canned goods, cleaners, really just about anything. I am going to put in 1/2 hour twice a week towards organizing  the kitchen this month. That is my goal anyway. Maybe someday I can have drawers as organized as this! (don’t hold your breath on that one…)

I’m sure once I get into the project, I’ll spend even MORE time on it. (Yeah. Get real. That’s not gonna happen.) Hopefully I can soldier on through the mess I call a pantry. It may take me the whole bleeping year to organize my messiness. Wish me luck.