Hawaiian Haystacks

I must be on a Hawaiian kick. My last 2 blog posts were foods with rice and pineapple and the word “Hawaiian” in them. Do you think I’m subconsciously wishing for a Beachy,  Hawaiian vacation right about now, in the middle of a Utah winter? I think that’s highly possible!

Hawaiian Haystacks 

Toppings for Hawaiian Haystacks 

Yeah.  Could be.  It was so cold the last few days. And I should know. I had recess duty during the day AND after school and it was snowing and super WINDY on Monday. My umbrella that I was holding kept doing the backward blow up thing and then would almost send me down the street like Mary Poppins. It was embarrassing! And I had the crosswalk detail so everybody picking up their kids after school SAW ME being blown around and my umbrella pulling tricks. Just call me Mary.  I felt like a big geek in a snowsuit!  So I long for the white beaches and sun and unfettered relaxation of a Hawaiian Island.

I love the crunch these chow mein noodles add…

Add Cream of Chicken soup, sour cream, milk and spice it up with Lawrys or Salt and Pepper….that’s it! 

I like slivered almonds to top my Hawaiian Haystacks….

The kids love coconut….
Have to have a cherry on top!  Or a handful! 

But since I can’t wrangle that for now, I can at least eat yummy food with the taste of Hawaii in it.  This recipe is easy, quick and really yummy.  And it’s a great choice if you have to feed an army or a crowd at a party. My sister-in-law served this at her son’s missionary farewell before he left for Texas. It was yummy!

I diced up some cooked carrots….. chow mein noodles and slivered almonds….

And lots of fresh fruit and veggies…..

The hubs likes my Hawaiian haystacks……..that sounds a little weird saying it out loud tho….hehe…

So here are the easy ingredients for the basic chicken mixture that goes over rice.  Then the toppings are whatever you decide you want to add. I use one of those veggie and dip platters when I’m doing it for a crowd. You can find them at the dollar store for…..well…..A DOLLAR!  I use them when I’m doing cookie decorating in my classroom too. They are very versatile for putting out little piles of stuff.


Here is the Chicken base all mixed up….then I just microwave it to warm it …

Hawaiian Haystacks
2 cans cream of chicken soup  (or use large family sized can)
3  chicken breasts diced
1 t. salt  (or Lawry’s Season Salt)
1/8 t. pepper  
1/2 cup sour cream
3/4 to 1 cup of milk 
3  cups Steamed Rice

My finished plate of Hawaiian Haystacks….a work of art really!  

Boil the chicken and dice up.  Mix soup, salt and pepper, milk and sour cream and milk. 

I boiled 3 chicken breasts with a handful of carrots…..

Cook rice until tender. I have a rice cooker so I added around 2 1/2 cups.  Put soup mixture on top of rice and top with any or all of the following:

Toppings: Canned pineapple tidbits, mandarin oranges, grated cheese, slivered almonds, chopped red pepper, celery, olives, diced tomatoes, chow mein noodles.

Veggie and fruit toppings….

Well, now he’s just acting like Vanna White…he’s such a tease! 

 It’s really filling, and everybody can pick their own preferences for toppings. That makes it even more of a fun meal. You can see my husband is having fun doing his own toppings…LOL.  Actually I made him pose…he’s just a good sport. :O

He doesn’t like the fruit as much….he’s more of a veggie man….

He does like the almonds and the white grated mozzarella cheese….

Hawaiian Haystacks……..My plate is still prettier than the hubs………just sayin……..

This recipe for Hawaiian Haystacks is a KEEPER!   Enjoy!