Here we are HAVING FUN WITH FOOD in the kitchen the other night. I had my family over for lasagna and salad, and then we decorated Christmas cookies with the little kiddos.

This is just a dollar store plastic…great way to separate the candy for decorating cookies

My granddaughters getting into frosting their sugar cookies

My son Devin made a gingerbread “lady with body parts” I’m so proud. 

Even my youngest grandbaby got into it…Josie is only a year old! 

Marisa, almost 5 loved it the best….she has baking in her genes….

Christmas Cookie Decorations 

Christmas Sugar Cookies….Megan’s gettin into it! 

Josie’s just happy to be here….

 This is a fun tradition we’ve had in our family for many years. I do this in my classroom for the kids, either decorating sugar cones to look like green iced Christmas trees, or gingerbread men, or sugar cookies. And I bring the extra candy home for the kids to do a few decorative cookies too.  It’s been going on for probably 15 years.

I ate the whole cookie grandma! 

Even the guys got into it….

We made some awesome sugar cookies Dudes! 

Sugar cookies are a fun family tradition….

Our creations….mostly kid made…..

A few had a whole bottle of sugar dumped on them…..can I say….big mess?  Luckily our doggie
walked around licking up stray candy all night….He’s probably nauseous today! :O

Kiddie sugar
cookies….it was a sweet night….

Merry Christmas!