Christmas Parties

My Friend Linda had a party the other night at her lovely home. I couldn’t help myself. I had to take some pictures of her decorating magic.

Pretty kitchen centerpieces on the beautiful granite island. 

My friend Linda, the hostess of the baby shower/Christmas party. 

I loved the blooming amaryllis plant and some of her other crystal Christmas plates and platters. 

The kitchen is so open and has great features. She changes out the decorative plates for each season. In the summer time it has navy and white and silver touches. For Christmas time she has red and white and silver. I loved all of her polka dot embellishments, candles and ribbons.

Christmas china was displayed in the pretty built in hutch in the kitchen….

The starfish is a really pretty addition to the baubles and ornaments in red and silver….

Pretty kitchen cabinetry and tiles looked so fresh in black and white and silver.  

I have a cake plate just like this one below that I never use. It just sits in my china cabinet. Now I’m going to pull it out and make something cute with it! I feel so inspired right now! (let’s see how I do on the weekend when I actually have time to work on the decor….)

Cake plate with silver and red and white ornaments looked adorable! 

What a pretty bunch of baubles! I bet anybody could make a glass jar look pretty. But these are really artistic.

So simple yet so beautiful…..silver and red…..

She was giving a shower for a friend at church who had adopted a cute little Asian baby boy. He is really adorable. They hadn’t arrived while I shot photos or I’d have a cute picture of them both!!

The theme of the shower had Asian-inspired foods like Chinese Chicken Salad, egg rolls, and homemade fortune cookies with the little boy’s name tucked inside them. These fortune cookies dipped in chocolate were made by another talented friend, Aimee Ferre of Olive Branch Design. Check out her latest design website called A Garnished Life. She is also a master of design. The little Asian panda bear cookies and candies were so cute as embellishments to the food table. Everything just sparkled and was set off by red polka dotted linens. And I bet she uses them at Valentines Day too! 
My latest purchase; a pretty pointsettia table runner covered with red sequins….I couldn’t resist when I saw it at Home Goods for $15.00. Gotta love a bargain! Woot! 

 I just bought a new red runner with sequins on it from Home Goods. (One of my fav stores for decor!) I needed it to go on my formal dining room table with some creme colored placemats with little red cardinal birds and holly berries.  But as you can see I haven’t done anything with it yet. I got a few cool light bulbs too and I just need to figure out what to do with them….hmmm…

I have a whole setting of these Snowmen plates from Kohls. My favorite color is red, you can tell. 

And I found this snowmen plate and cookie jar set that perfectly match my Christmas China from Kohls. But I got them from the thrift store for a $1 buck each! What a find! OK, back to the party!

There was a really pretty punch bowl with yummy punch in it as well as this decorated water dispenser with limes and cranberries. So creative! 
Pretty Silver punch bowl with a yummy slushy drink inside! Mmmm….My daughter bought me one of these last year. I loved it. Maybe I’ll get it out and use it this year. (gotta have a party!) 
These polka dotted candles were my very favorites. I didn’t get a good picture of them but they were so pretty lit up with the little glittery, red gems sprinkled close by. 

 On either side of the fireplace Linda had her nutcracker collection. I have another friend Laurie Rainey who collects nutcrackers too. She has more than 100 of them. She also lives down the street. We should all go talk nutcrackers sometime over lunch! lol. My collection is much smaller than either of these gals. But I do appreciate a cute collection!!

I wish I had taken some close ups of the darling tree. There were tiny square photos of all her grandchildren on the tree amidst silver and red baubles, pinecones, silvery glittered branches and snowflakes. It had a Diet Coke ornament on it too!! (I like this lady even more now!). So cute!! The gifts were all baby shower gifts. Christina, guest of honor, got like 10 times this amount. I snapped these shots before the party started. 
I LOVED the little missionary set of nutcrackers on the top right shelf. Super cute! I’d never seen missionary nutcrackers anywhere before! Gotta get a cute set like that!  I loved the polka dotted ribbons and bows. It added a touch of whimsy to a beautifully decorated tree.
This was her music room. I loved this room. Enough said there. Just stunning. 
Front entry hall with a giant wreath displayed where her big family picture usually hangs. Gorgeous! 
I loved this black cabinet that reminded me of an old player piano we used to have. It houses more pretty Christmas figurines and decor. 
Loved this Santa and his funny quote. Do you think if I had one it would guilt me into avoiding those Christmas candies and cookies? I think not……but it’s worth a try! (sounds of snickering)
This was my favorite fun thing she had in her kitchen. It is a candy station for when her grandchildren come over to visit. There were little scoops in each candy bin and a little container of Christmas bags to fill with our candy choices that she offered each of us before we left. Super cute. She changes out the candy to different kinds for each season. I popped a giant lime bubble gum ball in my mouth on the way out. Yum. 

It was a wonderful party. Thanks for opening your beautiful home to us all to ooohhh and ahhh over all of your pretty things. And we all are so happy for Christina and her new little guy.