What to do With Leftover Marinara Sauce? Baked Ziti!

My Version of  Ziti, Goulash or Beefaroni….

With some Garlic Bread added….makes a nice weeknight meal! Do you have some leftover Spaghetti or Marinara Sauce? 

I added mushrooms and ground beef….. Beefaroni!  

Boiled up some pasta shells for Pasta Casserole  

Grated some Mozzarella Cheese for the top…..Ziti Goulash….

Added some roasted vegetables…..remember to roast them  very HOT like 450 degrees! 

Yummy, easy Italian Pasta dinner…takes about 20 minutes start to finish…..

Yummy marinara sauce and Ziti pasta….mozzarella cheese and parsley on top. 

Leftover Marinara Sauce Pasta….a Weeknight meal that is even better tasting for lunch as leftovers the next day!  Yup!