Thanksgiving Kitchen and Dining Room Decorations

My Fall flowers on the Kitchen Picture Wall…notice the berries and fall colored ribbon too? I change out the cone florals and ribbons every season. At Christmas I’ll add fake evergreen, red berries and some Christmas picks.

I really didn’t want to cook this week. I made a few things; crock pot roast, ribs and tacos. But I’ve blogged about most of that before. So this week I’ll blog about my obsession with HOLIDAY DECOR!

 I put away my 4 mega bins full of Halloween (my husband says there is at least 5 and I need to not stuff them all so tightly. Then I got out my 4 mega bins full of Thanksgiving decor. (again, stuffed tightly…snicker) I absolutely LOVE decor in the fall colors. And fall is my FAVORITE SEASON!  Can you see why? Yeah. My dining room looks so pretty!

Last Year’s Thanksgiving Table Decor….just before we ate dinner…..

I just got started this year…how do you think it’s going so far…it takes forever with me standing there thinking…messing…tweaking…thinking some more…standing back…you get the picture,  Excruciating Right! 

 I LOVE this center flower arrangement.  I add a little bit to it each year with fall picks and berries and whatever I can find that I like from Roberts or Joannes or Hobby Lobby.  The glass pumpkin is new this year. I found it for $1.00 at the DI Thrift Store! Also new from Pier I Imports are the little Lucite amber and yellow acorns. I wish Pier 1 had coupons. They said they’d send me some in the mail after I bought a $200 living room sofa chair from them….. but they lied! I will still shop there…I love that place!

My kitchen counter is looking almost done…. I want to add some candy sticks and candy corn to the clear cookie jars…
Here is my kitchen counter decor.  I bought this little platter new at Taipan Trading.I also bought a burgundy one with a round bowl to match for veggies and dips.  The little tin Welcome sign was only $1.00 at Walmart this year. Go get one!  I love that place. I made the little floral in a gravy ceramic pitcher.

The kitchen island changes every few days. I can’t decide what looks the best. But here it is for now. I’ve got a cool cornucopia and some ceramic pumpkins and a straw one filled with stuff. My turkey is the center of attention.

My kitchen buffet…close up of my cute pilgrim scene….My grand kids love to play with these acorns and the little turkey and the ceramic fruit basket…
Here is my dining room buffet just off the kitchen. One of my favorite new decorations I got at the end of the season half off last year was this small metal pumpkin with a candle inside. I love it.  Every season I change the decor on my buffet. This pilgrim couple is probably the oldest decorations I have. I made them (cut out the wood and everything myself) when I was a newlywed.

My cute Handmade Pilgrims for Thanksgiving

I remember buying the heads and the little basket she carries. I added a felt collar and ribbon and painted the face and buttons on….then added some hair and a black felt hat. 

Give Thanks on Thanksgiving…Pilgrim decorations 

 The boy I made pretty much the same way; with a 2 x 4 piece of wood, a ball of wood head and I painted the outfit on.  The little turkey was hard to cut out as I recall. But it turned out really cute. I’ve had this set for like 30 years!
Ceramic Indians Thanksgiving Decorations

Cute Indian Couple…an expensive purchase…I hope my grand babies don’t find these… They will think they’re action figures! 

My Pilgrim Couple…and ceramic acorn….Thanksgiving Table Decor

Cute Table Decor for Thanksgiving 

I got these glass bead rings for my tall table candle holders at Tai Pan Trading last year on clearance.  I love glass beads! The candle I got on clearance at T.J. Max. It has a jewel and beads hanging from it on the side.  So cute!

My cute pine cone turkey place cards 

Placecards and Pine Cone Turkeys for my Grandkids’ table

My little grand kid’s table…I made place cards last year… This year I bought some cute sippy cups with a  pumpkin thing going on….I figured I could use them for Halloween AND Thanksgiving.  I got 4 so I’ll have enough for 4 kids at the table. 

The link for the place cards for Thanksgiving is HERE at parenting Lee Hansen.

I put the place cards on brown bag paper and cut them and laminated them. That way I just wipe off names of people at my Thanksgiving dinner table each year and reuse them next year!

Pine Cone Turkey Craft Tutorial
Then I made these cute pine cone place card holders. I have TONS of pine cones in my front yard every year. It’s just a pom pom, wiggly eyes and 6 pipe cleaners twisted around the back of the cone. Here’s how to make them; You will need…

6 colors of chenille stem
1 pine cone
2 wiggly eyes
1 medium brown pom pom
1 orange fat/skinny chenille stem (the puffy style…looks like several snow men’s noses)
glue gun and glue sticks. 

 Wrap the chenille stems around the bottom circumference of the pine cone and twist once so you have the 2 end parts sticking out like a V.  Then twist those 2 together at the ends to make one teardrop shaped loop, or like a bunny’s ear around the pine cone.  Do this again with a different color. Make all the loops on one side of the pine cone so they look like a turkey’s feathers. I make sure the pine cone can sit level on a table too.
 I start with red and do orange, yellow, green, blue, purple,  the order of the rainbow. Then take a glue gun and add a brown pom pom for the head on the other side of all these cute feathers. Add 2 googly eyes purchased from Hobby Lobby or Walmart onto the brown pom pom.  Lastly, add a snipped off piece of the orange fat chenille stem for the turkey beak.

 They end up looking like a carrot but are perfect for a turkey ” beak”. Then add the place card tucked into the bottom front of the pine cone. Have fun with that! 
Here’s my pilgrim couple at the entrance to my kitchen...

Well now I’m all ready for guests. Too bad my kids are going to their in laws this year.  I’ll have to do Thanksgiving on the Saturday or Sunday AFTER the holiday. We’ll be going to my sister-in-law’s house this year. We always have a great time playing games like “Loaded Questions” with them. If you have not played it, it’s the funniest game I’ve ever played with a big group. Go get it from Target.

 It’s only $18 bucks this week at Target!.  You won’t be sorry. It is a Super fun family game. We laugh our guts out playing it every holiday.  I’ll post my Thanksgiving recipes soon.