Master Chef Cookbook

Well last night was the finale of MASTER CHEF.  I LOVED it! I thought the last 3 finalists; Adrian, Jennifer and Christian were all superb cooks and their final dishes were so beautiful and creative.  I felt sorry for the judges having to pick a winner. I’m glad Gordon Ramsey had to do it and not me.

Gordon Ramsey chose the Master Chef winner! 
Master Chef finale was so good! But Gordon is always mad about something….isn’t he?

I really thought the cocky Christian was going to win. He didn’t have as many mystery box challenge wins as some but he won 2 and he just reminded me of Chef Ramsey with this cutting cocky style. I did think Jennifer was an excellent cook and she definitely had the most personality, but I thought Adrian outdid her in the final challenge. His 3 dishes looked better than hers. But maybe hers tasted better than his. I’ll give the 3 judges the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they were looking for another Rachel Ray; somebody with skills AND a sparkling personality….and looks.

Jennifer was the winner of Master Chef.….she deserved it after putting up with Christian all these weeks! I thought she should win…or else Adrian…I couldn’t decide. I’m glad I didn’t have to. Leave that to Gordon.

I got so excited watching this season that I went online and bought the cookbook! Yes I did! I got the Master Chef Cookbook.

Master Chef Cookbook….It has lots of the fun recipes with pictures I’ve seen in past seasons….

It came in the mail the same day as the finale. Now how is that for Karma? Bodes well for my future cooking doesn’t it?  I hope so.  The recipes in there look fabulous. I think I will post one new recipe a week that I try.  I bet I will learn a lot.