Cheese Steak Sandwiches

I like kind of soft inside crusty outside bread for my cheese steaks….

Here I am with the hubs at a backyard BBQ a friend had on a nice weather day we had. 

I had a package of steak in the fridge I was going to have John do on the BBQ this afternoon.  But I had all these tomatoes I wanted to use up.  So I was thinking it might be fun to do Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches instead. I love them and they are really, really easy to make.

Philly Cheese Steaks are really easy if you find sirloin steak on sale….

The trick is to slice the raw steak really, really thin with a sharp knife. That is kinda tedious. It is easier if the steak  is still a little bit frozen.

Slice it thin…son’t forget to season it….then just fry it up in a frying pan…and when it is almost done add the slices of provolone cheese so it has a minute to melt on top. I fry the onions and peppers in a separate pan and add them back in right before the cheese is layered on top. 

These tomatoes and the big onion are straight from my garden!

I sliced the steak really thin on the cutting board and seasoned it with Montreal Steak Seasoning. Then I fried it up in a fry pan with a little olive oil. I fried the onions and green pepper slices  in butter and olive oil with a shake of garlic salt until they looked caramelized and soft. You can also add mushrooms.

Coarsely chopped onions
I didn’t have green pepper but it is much better WITH it. Sometimes I add mushrooms if I have any.  
But you can just do onions too. They are great on Philly Cheese Steaks! 

I just buy a big loaf of french bread for the Philly Cheese Steaks or you can get day old
bread at Jimmy Johns and freeze it for use later. Their bread is great for sandwiches! 

Then when both were about done I put them in a pan and added the provolone cheese, just like 6 slices all around the top of the meat and onion mixture.  Then I got my french bread ready. The sandwiches really are better the more cheese you add…I know that’s not very healthy, but it is the truth.

Now don’t those Cheese Steaks look super yumm?

I really like fresh tomatoes on mine….my hubs loves mushrooms. I wished I had some! 

You could add sauteed green peppers to this sandwich too and sliced tomatoes like we like it. That is just personal preference. But you could just go with the steak and cheese and onions on your rolls.

I don’t think these are low calorie…but they are so delish!  Just try not to think about it…..

I always look for some steak on sale and this meal is really yummy but very inexpensive too.
Here’s our Tuesday night Cheese Steaks!  I made some strawberry shortcake too. I had to do
something with all my frozen strawberries I’ve been keeping!

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches….yummy and easy! 

They take literally 10 minutes! 

Next time you are at the market get a small steak and try making your own. You will love them.