Einstein Bagels has PUMPKIN SHMEAR!

Okay this is the best stuff since sliced bread. I am NOT KIDDING YOU!

This Pumpkin Cream Cheese is to DIE FOR! And it is reduced FAT! Get it at Einsteins Bagels.

I got a pumpkin bagel and tried it out with the pumpkin cream cheese. It was pretty great.  So I taste tested a few more. I also bought one of my favs the Cinnamon-Sugar bagel. YUMMY! It’s the best!

It tastes cinnamony kind of like a pumpkin pie. The pumpkin bagel seems like it is made from whole wheat flour. It is probably much healthier than other bagels too.  

When I ran out of bagels I had some frozen plain ones from the supermarket and John and I loved those as well with this pumpkin cream cheese. The guy at Einsteins Bagels said it always sells out really FAST! So go and get yours NOW! It is such a great Fall treat!!