Fall Decorating Ideas

I love Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday of all. Maybe it’s because as a kid I was a candy-holic. Maybe I love dressing up. Maybe I love dressing up AND getting candy. That must be it.  Here’s my Skeleton Bundt cake. He’s so scary! but he tasted sooooo good! Check it out HERE at my personal blog.
Here is my kitchen table runner (spiderweb from Pier 1 as well as the cute salt and pepper shakers) and my Halloween cupcakes I made for a work party. They turned out too cute! Check them out HERE.
This is my entry table in my home. My grandkids love the little jars of “gopher guts” and stuff like that. I got them from Michaels.  Check the Witch Warts out HERE at Mockery’s blog.
At Yeringtonflowers they did a cute Fall table decoration grouping.  Just simple mason jars
filled with acorns and candy corn! Easy Peasy!
Elle Interiors  had the idea to use green apples in a glass trifle bowl to decorate.
 I love the  “green apple” colored candle too! 
We were at Pier 1 and their fall tablescapes were sooooooo BEAUTIFUL! 
Front-porch-ideas-and-more had this cute idea! 

Use gold metallic spray paint on real pumpkins for a dash of 
sparkle. I think I’ll try that for my fireplace area this year. 
How cool is THAT look? it’s cool alright….

It’s a blog party did a simple but beautiful fall mantle that looks easy to copy…
I love the leaves, pods and acorns strung along in an easy twine garland. But simple pumpkins outside with a bale of hay or a cornstalk is pretty too. I love this old wagon. I wish I had one! 

Antsi-pants has this FREE printable Fall Subway Art project. SUPER. CUTE!
I made one for my classroom and for my home with a dark brown glossy picture frame. It looks GREAT! What is it about Fall colors that are just so appealing? 

Pure Style Home did another fall fruits in glass idea that I loved.
I’m going to be looking for some of these glass domes.
I think they are cool and you could use them for every season.

Nest Handmade has an easy Christmas Ball Wreath tutorial on how to make this
beautiful and welcoming addition to anybody’s front porch!
And Hobby Lobby has all the Christmas balls stacked in the aisles already! I LOVE this! 

Well, and who could resist just a plain old pile of pumpkins and some straw hay bales or an old cornstalk. And if that’s not enough, how about a cute grandkid in the mix? Yeah….she makes my day. Love her. Happy decorating. Gotta love a little
“punpkin” like this cute one…..:D