Easy Fajitas

Yummy and easy fajitas….takes about 15 minutes to make! 

I had 2 frozen chicken breast that were kinda tiny in my freezer leftover from one of those mega bags of chicken from Costco. And I decided I’d make some easy fajitas. These are so quick and yummy and healthy too.

Fajitas….mix your chicken and veggies with a packet of seasoning…that’s the lazy way…..

Just grill your chicken (or if you are in a rush, just cut it up and saute the pieces in a little olive oil in a fry pan). Spray Pam on an onion and a green pepper and grill those too. (or if you are lazy, just slice them and saute them in a different pan in some oil.) When both the chicken and the peppers and onions are done slice it all up and put it together in one of the pans with a packet of Lawry’s Fajita Seasoning mix.

Fry up some onions and green pepper….or better yet,  grill them! 

It calls for a little water.  Then just let it simmer for a few minutes.  That’s it! I add diced, fresh tomatoes, some cilantro, sour cream and grated cheese on flour tortillas warmed up in the microwave.

Add some tomatoes, cheese, and cilantro….maybe some sour cream? Guacamole? MMMMMM

You could add some homemade guacamole to it and that would make it perfect!  If you prefer your own seasoning, I’d add garlic seasoning, coriander and cumin with some pepper.

Ya wanna bite? 

If I wasn’t so lazy I’d have had some guacamole with my chips! But salsa was a good 2nd best.
Mucho delicioso! Fajitas are soooooo easy. I always wonder why people get them in a restaurant. It’s like ordering peanut butter and jelly or grilled cheese!