Gourmet Glazed Donuts from Beyond Glaze

This delicious looking but evil donut is from a gourmet donut shop in Draper, Utah called “Beyond Glaze”. I had a donut instead of birthday cake this year. It was decadent, to say the least! 
For my birthday this year my daughter took me out for lunch at Zupas. We had some yummo salads, just take a look! And donuts were on the dessert agenda. 
She had this salad from ZUPAS  with black beans and guacamole. 

I had this salad with berries, apples and candied pecans. They both had chicken. 

Zupas has these panini sandwiches I just love too. We had turkey and avocado and bacon, and Tiff had some soup. I just LOVE how they give you a chocolate covered strawberry with every meal too. It is just a nice touch. 
Then we wandered over to the donut shop called Beyond Glaze. (Shouldn’t it be “Beyond Glazed?” The grammar teacher in me is always bugged by these things, you see…..It reminds me of those “Shave Ice” stands where they sell Hawaiian snow cones. It should say “SHAVED ICE”. Mind your grammar people! 
This one just looks mouth watering doesn’t it? It is a caramel apple cheesecake donut. It is very popular as you can just imagine! 

 The carrot cake looked a little too yellow for me. But it matched the cute yellow chevron tablecoverings. 😀

My grandson Dylan was just staring at all the donuts in the window. He liked all of them too! What should we choose Dylan? Help me out here, Dude!! 
I LOVE mango, I thought. Maybe this one could be it. I just didn’t know. I love Raspberry shakes from Bear Lake. Maybe the two would make a divine combo? Hmmmm…….thinking….thinking….

My very favorite donuts are USUALLY maple bars. I bet this one was maple madness overload! Yummy. That one is for our next visit for sure! But I want something even MORE special and over the top decadent. 

These babies are pretty pricey though. Each one is about $2 bucks! Woop! Let’s just get one each and share with Dylan. 

 But GOOD LUCK choosing! Every one of them looks so yummy. What to do?

So I asked the owner of Beyond Glaze if he had a favorite. He said the “S’mores” donut is very popular. But I have never liked S’mores. So I went back to hunting through the window. I’m sure I was getting annoying by now. 😀 I am so decisive! 
Wanna Donut don’t ya? Lookie, the S’mores donut has a bite taken out of it….tee hee…(bottom left corner donut). I guess it is popular if peeps are taking bites out of it already!

I finally decided on one. I have heard all this talk about “salted caramel” and how good it is. So I’ve been on the hunt to try anything and everything with salted caramel in it. 
And, well…..just look at it. It is to DIE for good. I loved it. I wish I could make donuts like this. They were so Yummy. Think of the best glazed donut and the best piece of cake mixed together. Yup. There you have it. Glorious and a gazillion  and a half calories. On my birthday. So it is subtracted…….right? That just make for good Karma! 
Go see the little man at Beyond Glaze Donuts in Draper. He is very nice. And the shop is real cute too. 
But not as cute as my little man Dylan is. He just trumps it all. Gimme a kiss you dollface. 😀