Christmas Chocolate Bundt Cake

We love to make traditions in my family.  One of them is making our holiday Chocolate Bundt Cake…..I made this
one for a family get together at Christmas time. 

Chocolate Bundt Cake

 This is my favorite Chocolate Cake recipe.  It is from All It is a rich and easy chocolate cake that you can use a boxed mix to start with and just doctor it up. It’s full of delicious richness, from the sour cream, pudding mix and the chocolate chips. It has a delectable cream cheese icing. It’s to die for good!

 I played around while it was baking and rearranged some of my Christmas stuff. I’m only enjoying it for another few days and then I’ll have to do the dirty job of putting Christmas away.

 Which is depressing so I’m not going to think about it today…..I’m going to the movies instead……yippee!

 I’m really good at denial and not facing up to responsibilities….especially on my winter break from teaching school.  I just like sleeping in….eating lots of snacks and cold cereal….and NOT making dinner….

 But I still like dessert…(.nobody said anything about dessert…)……yeah it’s still a staple around these parts….. The recipe for too much chocolate cake is HERE.

Can you believe one of my neighbor GUYS brought over this delectable pecan pie? Yeah….I know…..A GUY WHO MAKES PIE! !   wHaT the HeCk? How can that be?  My husband can barely make a pancake! 
Banana bread…cranberry bread….cinnamon rolls…English Toffee….Caramel Apples…we had
 lots of stuff from wonderful neighbors and friends! 

Here I am right before everybody came over Christmas morning…I’m busy making food….go figure! 

Too many treats….I’m getting chunkier by the minute! 

Here was my bundt cake all ready for the fam………yummy! 

Cream Cheese icing on Bundt cakes is my favorite too!  Then I
decorated with red and green sugars and a holly and ivy candle ring and
some purchased glittery peppermint cake toppers…..super cute!  

Chocolate bundt cake….so rich and easy….

And even prettier with all the toppers and doo dads and sprinkles….

Here’s to a happy holiday…a happy new year….and to losing a few pounds…..
but….just not this week…..(yeah I’m good at procrastinating too! are you surprised?)

AND let’s make that a New Year’s Resolution…..and THAT is not till NEXT year…and that’s a whole 3 days away!   For today….let’s dig in! All ya need is a cold glass of milk to go with it~  And then I’m going to see Tom Cruise (Mission Impossible) or Robert Downey Jr. (Sherlock Holmes)  mmmhmmm……. Happy 2012  Ya’ll!