Easter Bundt Cake and Cupcakes

I had a party the other night for my only daughter. She is having her first baby boy. So we had a family baby shower celebration. This cake is pretty cute and could be done for Easter too.

I decorated it with cream cheese icing, plastic and candy eggs and little Easter Chick suckers on sticks. 

 It was lots of fun. I made pulled pork, potato salad, veggies and dip and my daughter-in-law Wendy (co-hostess) made a fruit salad with this marshmallow creme dip that was to die for.

Our healthy stuff offset the bad but tempting stuff I think. 

 We also had various cookies, donuts, lemon bars, cupcakes and other candies and treats.

 Aren’t these cupcakes super cute with the pacifiers on them? They just have mini chocolate chips for eyes.

 I had fun playing with all my collection of pastel sugars and sprinkles. Each cupcake also has a baby pin or rattle sticking out of the top or a circus pick.

 I made a mini heart bundt cake out of lemon mix and frosted it with lemon icing and filled it with lemon curd. It is pretty too.

The guest of honor and the co-hostess. We had some cute decorations too. 

 And this game turned out fun. We had 3 minutes to make a baby out of playdough. I think the orange and yellow ones were winners. My little granddaughter Meg liked the tiny pale peach one the best though. lol.

The recipe is from All Recipes.com. It is called Too Much Chocolate Cake. HERE is the link for the recipe. It has 4000 reviews and still 5 stars so it is a serious winner in the dessert department. You cannot go wrong. And the base is a boxed cake mix, so easy!

This was a cute diaper motorcycle made with receiving blankets, socks and diapers. Wendy made this and topped it with a cute stuffed bear. So clever! 

Some of my Easter decorations in the great room. I’m almost done with the grandkids’ Easter baskets…but they’ve already found them and dug into the bubbles and eggs. Rats! 

I really like how it all turned out. Happy Easter everybody!